Goose Play - Family Clubhouse

If you have not been here yet, you have children and you live near Harrogate then you must go! I am not a fan of soft play; generally there is no natural light, it is very loud, has very basic food and you come out feeling more stressed than when you went in. If you feel the same way you need to try Goose - Why nobody has never thought of this concept before I have no idea. Children love it, they get to craft (supervised by lovely staff) while you get to enjoy your coffee, brunch or lunch in peace - amazing! Every town needs one.

The entrance to the craft area is £6 and the children get to craft there for as long as they want. A new themes starts every week so the children are never bored. There is also a football table, lego and lots of other toys that they can play with too.

Follow this link to their website:-

I was invited to take photographs of this beautiful new trendy space. Below you will see some of the images I took and I think you would agree the food looks (and I know it tastes) amazing!

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